Kampyongo impressed with farmers

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Kampyongo impressed with farmers

Shiwang`andu,  July 1, 2014, ZANIS… … Shiwang`andu Member of Parliament Stephen Kampyongo says he is impressed with the performance of farmers in the district despite the challenges that they face.

Mr. Kampyongo said farmers have greatly contributed towards governments` Policy of achieving food security adding that for this reason they need to work extra hard regardless of the challenges they are faced with.

He said that there is need for concerted efforts between government andfFarmers in achieving food security in Shiwang`andu and the country at large.

Mr. Kampyongo said this at the weekend  at the Agriculture Show which was held at Kalalantekwe Show Grounds under the theme” Breaking New Grounds” .

Mr. Kampyongo who is also deputy minister of Home Affairs urged farmers to stop the dependency syndrome on one crop and engage themselves in diversification farming.

He charged that diversification farming will help farmers to be all year round farmers and not to depend on the Farmer  Input Support Programme (FISIP) only.

Mr. Kampyongo  encouraged farmers in Shiwang`andu to embrace diversification farming.

The deputy minister however disclosed that improving Chachacha  road to bituminous standard is already on the government agenda due to its importance to the district and the surrounding areas.

Speaking at the same occasion Shiwang`andu Show Society Chairperson Phillimon Mayoche said that farmers undergo a lot of challenges in terms of inaccessible road networks, lack of financial banking institutions in the area and inadequate satellite depots .

Mr. Mayoche urged government to Improve the road network in the district and construct at least 4 satellite depots with a view to lessen the production challenges that affect the farmers in Shiwang`andu.

Deserving farmers were given awards for their hard work to serve as an encouragement among others.