Rabid dog on rampage in Nakayembe

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Rabid dog on rampage in Nakayembe

Luampa, Jun 30/14 ZANIS—Four residents of Nakayembe area in Luampa District in Western Province have been attacked by suspected rabid dog that left one eight-year-old boy in a critical condition.

Luampa Mission Hospital Medical Officer, Philippe Onoya, confirmed the incident to ZANIS today.

Dr Onoya identified the boy as Siyamananga Lubinda who is currently receiving medical attention at the hospital.

He said the dog attacked the boy on June 6 and was admitted to the hospital on 26 June.

Dr Onoya said the boy has rabies symptoms and is in a critical condition as he delayed to seek medication.

“They brought the boy to the hospital 21 days after being attacked by the dog. We are trying our best to treat him,” he said and called upon the Veterinary Department to trace the dog.

Dr Onoya said the hospital is facing a lot of challenges in medical storage especially for rabies as it has no electricity to operate refrigerators.

Meanwhile, Nakayembe residents have called on the Veterinary Department to conduct a vaccination exercise in the area.

The residents said the dog has also attacked other dogs in the area and this needs the attention of the Veterinary Department.