Zambian economy is on a robust footing – Bank of Zambia

Central bank governor Dr Michael Gondwe
Central bank governor Dr Michael Gondwe

The Bank of Zambia – BOZ is confident that the Zambian economy is on a robust footing.
BOZ Governor MICHAEL GONDWE says the Central Bank also remains confident that the end year inflation target of six point five percent is attainable. Dr. GONDWE says this is because government has put in place measures aimed at maintaining a stable macroeconomic environment. The World Bank recently said Zambia will continue recording higher economic growth rates which will largely be driven by massive copper investments and high domestic demand for goods. The Governor was speaking on June 24th, during the opening of the BOZ Women Access to Financial Services in Zambia Dissemination and Consultation Conference. Dr. GONDWE further called on commercial banks to increase women’s access to finance and financial services as lack of women’s access to finance has been cited as a major challenge to the participation of women in economic development.