– Govt urges councils to rid of graft

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Govt urges councils to rid of graft

Kalulushi, 20th June 2014, ZANIS — Government  has urged councils on the Copperbelt to revive their Integrity Committees ( I.C ) if  corruption can be prevented in the local authorities.

Copperbelt Provincial Local Government Officer Joseph Mulyata  says  I.C’s  can help in the reduction of corrupt practices in councils especially when allocating land.

Mr. Mulyata said it was not a secret that land allocation in the local authorities were  often not transparent and accountably.

He said this was the reason the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has carried out exercises of ridding most councils in the country of corruption especially in matters of land allocation.

ZANIS reports that the local government officer said this  during the orientation Workshop for Councillors and Management by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) at Affs Guest House in Kalulushi District today.

Mr. Hamulyata said it was important that Councillors and officers appreciate the role of the IC at the place of work.

He told the members of the IC to carry out their functions without fear because the law was on their side and should have no fear of victimisation from anyone.

Speaking earlier, Council Town Clerk Eddie Mumba said the Kalulushi Municipal Council established its IC in 2010, but had not been active due various reasons, such as transfers of some officers.

Mr. Mumba said in 2014 the IC was reconstituted by appointing new members to service the committee and those members had been attending workshops to educate their members.