PF, the only party that can develop Zambia-Phiri

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The Patriotic Front (PF) in Luangwa district says it is the only credible party that can develop Zambia.

PF Luangwa Constituency Chairperson Jackson Phiri notes that the opposition were not capable of developing Luangwa in particular and the country as a whole because their leaders were bent on telling lies and not appreciating the efforts of the government of the day.

Mr. Phiri said the opposition have become stagnant hence the PF was a progressive party to steer the nation forward.

Mr. Phiri has also disclosed that PF is growing on a weekly basis as people from the opposition were defecting to the PF.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Luangwa recently, Mr. Phiri said President Michael Sata and the PF mean well to the Zambia people in terms of service delivery.

He said Zambia has seen unprecedented massive development in all key sectors of the economy since assuming power in 2011.