Chenda directs Councils to improve service delivery

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Local Government and Housing Minister Emmanuel Chenda has challenged councils to improve service delivery to residents and other stakeholders in their districts.

Mr Chenda said despite local authorities receiving huge grants, communities are not receiving quality services from their councils.

Mr Chenda said this in a speech read on his behalf by his Deputy Nicholas Banda when he opened a two day local government association of Zambia conference in Solwezi that has attracted over 300 delegates from across the country.

He told the conference that there is no evidence to show that councils are committed towards improving service delivery.

The minister explained that government is aware of the financial constraints affecting local authorities resulting in poor service delivery.

Mr Chenda expressed dismay that in spite of government releasing over K833 million since 2011 to supplement the efforts of local authorities to deliver quality services to the people, councils have failed to deliver to the expectation of the people.

Mr Chenda said government appreciates the strategic role local government plays in national development and will increase funding to support the sector achieve its objectives.