Public service human resources questioned if miniskirts, sagging is allowed


A team of human resource management personnel from Kasama Provincial administration on June 10th came under fire after civil servants in Chilubi district wanted to know whether wearing of miniskirts and sagging was allowed in the public service commission act.

ZANIS reports that this was after the said team of officers visited the district where they addressed public workers to explain the terms and conditions of civil service.

However, when officers explained the punishments that are meted out with officers found guilty on charges of seductive and sexual advances, everyone got concerned and asked for more explanations.

Officers received questions from all the directions that demanded for more clarifications on what kind of dressing is tantamount to seductive.

They also wanted to know whether wearing of skirts that go beyond the knees and sagging were falling under the same, so as to ensure such kind of dressing is not condoned in working places at all.

They complained that the way some public workers dress is very disturbing in the eyes of their opposite sex because the Public Service Commission Act was not clear on the matter.

Meanwhile, Human Resource Management Personnel Team Leader Enoch Mwape explained that the public service commission act states that a public worker should be tidy and decent.

He added that however, the act does not specify which type of dressing is referred to as seductive in working places.

And workers have appealed to government to consider revising the act so that public service workers do not continue dressing in the manner likely to tarnish the image of the civil service.