Govt blames human activities leading cause of deforestation

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Government says human activities are the leading cause of environmental degradation and the prevailing adverse effects of climate change due to rampant cutting down of trees.



Lands , Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Minister Mwansa Kapeya says  there is an urgent need to stop deforestation and take measures against drought and floods.



He has  since appealed to the nation to change behaviors and embrace sustainable practices to manage and protect the environment.



Mr Kapeya said this in a speech read on his behalf by Lands Deputy Minister Danny Chinyimbu at a public forum at Yatsani radio in Lusaka, today.



The Minister commended Yatsani Radio for trying to find partners in promoting sustainable environmental practices through the use of the media.



He said it has become impossible for farmers to plan their agricultural activities due to changes in the weather pattern which has become unpredictable.



He noted that the country’s rate of deforestation is alarming as it stands at 250,000 hectares to 300,000 hectares per year.



And Yatsani Radio director Father Singini Nacidze says there is need to sensitize communities on the effects of deforestation for them to make informed choices that are not harmful to the environment.



Meanwhile, Caritas Zambia livelihood and Climate Change Adaptation officer Musamba Mubanga says there is need to curb deforestation in order to increase Agriculture production.



Ms Mubanga says the cutting of trees has affected the country’s food basket as it affects the rain pattern and impacts on the environment negatively.