Germany adopts new Africa policy: ambassador

Ambassador Bernd Finke with Charles Bwale and German colleague Ute Maaß
Ambassador Bernd Finke with Charles Bwale and German colleague Ute Maaß

 A senior official said on Thursday that the Germany government has adopted a new policy that will govern the country’s engagement with the African continent.

Germany Ambassador to Zambia Bernd Finke said the new policy recognizes Africa’s rapid changes and its new passion in the world.

“The new approach to Germany’s Africa policy tries to pay due consideration to the manifold opportunities as well as the risks inherent in collaboration. The underlying objectives of our new strategy are to boost African ownership and regional integration as well as to provide support on good governance, the rule of law, economic development and crisis prevention,” he said in an article published in the state-owned Zambia Daily Mail.

According to the German envoy, the basic assumption of the new strategy reflects an underlying truth that Africa has changed over the years.

“It is a continent on the rise,” Finke said.

“Many positive developments in Africa, growing prosperity and successful regional cooperation, have just as direct consequences for us in Europe as conflict and terrorism, migratory pressures and political instability, which still persists in many regions in Africa,” he added.

The new Germany policy for Africa will define new policy guidelines for its engagement in Africa in the coming years and among the priorities are the promotion of peace, security and human rights as well as the fight against poverty, the strengthening of regional integration and the promotion of economic growth, trade and investment.

The policy also concerns “the facilitation of education on all levels, as well as the protection of natural resources and the environment, including a responsible use of raw materials,” he said.

Xinhua News Agency.