United Party for National Development (UPND)
United Party for National Development (UPND)

We have taken note friends for some people to be asking for UPND SOLUTIONS to many issues challenging Zambians.We understand your criticisms you offer to UPND.
Firstly,for those who are our ardent followers of our page.We have been running a UPND WEEKLY and some of you have even subscribed to it.We even had a Q & A session on sundays and we shall resume soon.In that Weekly Take,we provided Challenges as well as SOLUTIONS from our perspective.We argue you to scroll down this page and search for over 19 series from agriculture,mining,tourism to even answering HOW UPND shall fund or finance the social sectors to provide free education,healthcare.we encourage reading friends.

Secondly,for those who want our manifesto,we advise that it is currently under review BUT we encourage you to visit www.upnd-zambia.com for snippet policy position on various matters.We expect debate on our policies rather than having a detailed analysis that many may not be interested in reading.The manifesto shall be released soon.
Thirdly,your expectations by the current administration in 2011 were raised so high,some even expect us to be talking like their leader used to even on matters that we need to maul over and consult before a statement is issued.Opposition is not only Hakainde Hichilema and TEAM but Zambians who want and deserve better.Our manifesto is S.M.A.R.T. Our UPND TEAM can realise a better Zambia for all. Someone said,we gave them a ferari but they are treating it like a lawn mower. ”if you say it cant be done,don’t stand in the way of those who are doing it”.
We wish you a productive week.