Zambia Railways acquires 30 new coaches

Muyenga Atanga
Muyenga Atanga

ZAMBIA Railways Limited has ordered 30 new coaches.  Zambia Railways chief executive officer Muyenga Atanga said the railway company has begun a tender process to buy 30 coaches, 15 of which will be delivered in August this year.

Prof Atanga said when French ambassador to Zambia and Malawi Marie-Annick Bourdin toured Zambia Railways offices in Lusaka yesterday that the coaches will have flushable toilets, air conditioners and television sets.
“We have now put in place a mechanism whereby we are expecting to buy new coaches.
In fact, we have already placed that order through the tender process,” he said.
Prof Atanga said the buying of new coaches will increase the number of people the Zambia Railways carries from 200,000 per year to 400,000 per year.
He said the new coaches will replace the old coaches, which are about 40 years old.
Prof Atanga said Zambia Railways is determined to ensure that it has five trains every day by 2018.
And Ms Bourdin said the French government will not provide financial support to Zambia Railways at the moment but will study the details of the expansion programme and see if the railway company can be supported.
She said Zambia Railways management has a huge task placed on them to ferry people and create revenue from the sector.


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