Govt challenged to substantiate its projected 2014/2015 bumper harvest


Government has been challenged to substantiate its projection of a bumper harvest in the 2014/2015 farming season.

Government has projected a bumper harvest for the farming season with a maize production expected to reach over 3, 350, 671 metric tonnes.

But the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) says the Minister of Agriculture Wylbur Simuusa should tell the nation exactly how this projected bumper harvest will be attained.

YALI governance advisor Isaac Mwanza says his organization’s asking government to substantiate this projection is in view of how the last farming season performed badly due to delayed rains and late delivery of farming inputs.

Mr. Mwanza has told Qfm news that this is why much as his organization welcomes the projection of a bumper harvest such a projection should be authenticated so that people in the country are not given false hope of a the country having sufficient food production.

He adds that if indeed there will be a bumper harvest government should also ensure that the harvested crops do not go to waste as it has been in the past where the harvest goes to waste due to insufficient storage space.

Mr. Mwanza says government should for this reason ensure that the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) is able to transport the harvest in the quickest possible time to designated areas of storage.


QFM Radio