Govt. to expand Chibolya Clinic to Paediatric Hospital

Chibolya Clinic in Luanshya
Chibolya Clinic in Luanshya

Government has disclosed that it is expanding Chibolya Clinic in Luanshya district into a first ever paediatric hospital in the district.

Luanshya District Medical Officer Peter Mulenga said the move is aimed at decongesting the two major hospitals, Thompson and Roan Antelope.

He said the new hospital will be the first of its kind in the district whose aim was to improve quality and specialist health care for children.

Dr. Mulenga told ZANIS in Luanshya today that the district was still faced with challenges in the health service delivery due to the ever increasing population and limited facilities at the two major hospitals.

He said the new hospital once completed, will stand independent of the main hospitals as it will have a bed capacity of 40, medical and surgical wards and a laboratory.


Ho noted that the expansion works were being done at a cost of K700 thousand using the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) and will be handed over next month.


Meanwhile, Dr. Mulenga has disclosed that government has identified an area for the construction of a health post in the newly de-gazetted Maposa area.


He said his office, in cooperation with other stakeholders were scheduled to visit the area before the end of the week to undertake a feasibility study of the place.


The clinic was among the eight health posts earmarked out of the 650 posts for Luanshya to be constructed in the country.