Starving Lukulu refugees receive maize

Angolan refugees living in Lukulu
Angolan refugees living in Lukulu

Government has donated 15 by 50 kilogramme bags of maize to Angolan refugees living in Lukulu district of Western Province.

The donation is in response to a report that about 15 families from Angola living in Lukulu district of Western province had no food and were therefore relying on doing piece-works for their basic needs.

Lukulu District Commissioner Precious Muyenga said the maize was released by the Lukulu district disaster management committee to her office for subsequent donation to the refugees.

Ms. Muyenga said government of Zambia was committed to enhancing good relationships with other countries hence Angolan refugees should not feel neglected in the country.

She hoped that each family that will receive a 50 kg bag of maize will not feel abandoned saying government will continue supporting them where possible.

And speaking on behalf others refugees, Musole Mushingi thanked government through the District Commissioner’s Office for the donation.

Mr. Mushingi said although one bag of maize was not enough for each family, it would make a different in each family’s welfare.

He stated that since the refugees shifted from Lulenge area in Mitete district of Western Province, life has not been easy adding that they depend on working for others daily for them to earn a living.

He added that some families have since lost relatives due to hunger and various diseases.

Mr. Mushingi has meanwhile appealed for more help from the government through the office of the District Commissioner.

Meanwhile, Lukulu district chairperson for the Angolan community leaving in Zambia, Victor Masati said the group was evicted from Lulenge area in Mitete district by an Induna  (headman) after he heard that they allegedly registered themselves to go back to their country.

Mr. Masati said the group shifted to Lukulu district in June last year and is currently staying at someone’s place who offered them an area to settle within his plot.

He said the matter was reported to the District Commissioner’s Office who he said responded positively.

He said so far about 326 Angolans leaving in Lukulu District of Western Province have registered to go back to their country while 12 others want to reside in Zambia.