Chibombo communities shun GBV sensitisation meetings

Gender Based Violence
Gender Based Violence

Young Women’s Christian Association of Zambia (YWCA) has urged stakeholders in Chibombo district to work together in the fight against gender based violence (GBV).


YWCA Central Province Regional Coordinator Juliet Kawanda said there has been little collaboration among stakeholders in the district thereby making the fight against GBV difficult.


Ms. Kawanda said this was the reason why Chibombo has recorded little impact on the fight against GBV as compared to other districts in Central Province.


She said this during a stakeholders’ meeting held at Chibombo April 28th.

Ms. Kawanda noted that there has been a negative attitude among members of the communities in the district towards the issues of GBV.


She said this was evident in a number of people who turn up for public sensitization campaigns on GBV in the communities.


She said this has also contributed to the district’s poor performance in the fight against the vice.


“At one time we called up a meeting at Chikobo but community members did not come because they knew there was no nshima,” she said.


Ms. Kawanda however encouraged the stakeholders not to relent in their efforts but instead team up and strengthen their networks if their fight against GBV was to make an impact in the district.


Meanwhile, Women in Law and Development in Africa (WILDAF) Paralegal Francis Phiri said lack of courts of law nearby was another reason why the district has not made a significant progress in the fight against GBV.


Mr. Phiri said some victims opt to withdraw cases from courts while others do not even bother to start the process because of long distances they have to cover to seek justice.