NAREP Welcomes disability activist, Moses Chubili to NAREP


Moses Chubili was born on 15th August 1990, he is a male Zambian citizen and currently pursuing is degree in special Education at the University of Zambia, he is hard of hearing and a strong disability activist.

He is the founder of Mufulira Deaf Project Association and worked as the Chairperson for Zambia National Association for the Deaf. At the University of Zambia he is a member of many clubs such as the special education student association. He is a strong advocate for disability rights and currently he is among the Working Group on the rights of Older Persons and People with Disabilities at the African Union that has recently released the draft Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People’ Rights on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Africa.

When out of school he spends time lobbying for the deaf education, and giving motivational talks to deaf, he is among those calling on the government to create a disability ministry and a disability desk at state house. He believes that disability is not inability.

As a member of NAREP, Mr Chibulu will continue his calling as a representative for persons with disability and explore political channels to improve the lives of persons with disability in Zambia. It is our esteemed pleasure and HONOR to welcome his membership to our party.