Critical water shortage hits Mwansabombwe district

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Critical water shortage hits Mwansabombwe district


Mwansabombwe, April 28, ZANIS—The newly Mwansabombwe district in Luapula Province has been hit by critical shortage water.


The water shortage has been caused by the breaking down of the only water pump ion the district.


This has forced residents at boma to draw water in the Ngona River which is quite far from the residential area.


Speaking in an interview with ZANIS, Mwansabombwe District Commissioner Victor Kasuba said the water crisis at the district headquarters was worrying.


Mr. Kasuba said the situation was even more worrying because the river from which the residents were drawing water was contaminated with human and animal wastes.


He said if the water system was not worked on immediately, the situation may lead to an outbreak of water borne diseases such cholera and diarrhea especially in children.

He said the matter has already been reported to the provincial administration which has however not responded yet.

The District Commissioner has since appealed to all stakeholders to work together in a bid to correct the problem before a disease breaks out.

Mr. Kasuba said while the council was working on the pump, there was also need to work on the water tank which he said has many leakages.


He suggested that as a matter of urgency, the council can use the money it was given for the water extension programme under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to quickly work on the water system and restore normal supply to the residents of Mwansabombwe district.