Ryan Ranchhod’s speech at Mortein’s event to mark World Malaria Day

Mortein, World Malaria Day, which was held earlier this morning at Northmead Primary School, APril 25th 2014
Mortein, World Malaria Day, which was held earlier this morning at Northmead Primary School, APril 25th 2014

Thank you Chi, thank you Dr. Banda, Mr. Lumpa, thank you to the ministry, as well as to the members of the press…


and a special thank you to Northmead Primary for allowing us to use their beautiful facility to host this special day! You all took the time out of schedules to volunteer, attend or participate in order to make this event the success it has been; and for that, we from Mortein would like to thank you.


The theme for National Malaria Day is, “Invest in the Future: Defeat Malaria.” It is an extremely appropriate theme, as Zambia possesses one of the youngest populations – in the world.


The youth of today that you see before you, are our future; and is up to all of us to invest in them, the ability to prevent malaria so we can successfully defeat it in the years to come.


Now contrary to popular belief, investment does not need to be monetary; instead, investment can take on a variety of forms: for example, investment can come in the form of educating or assisting your friends and family in the removal of standing water, or encouraging a friend to regularly use a treated mosquito net, like the ones Mortein has donated today. Prevention begins with the youth, and it is with them that we make that investment in order to ensure a malaria free Zambia!


However, despite all of the progress that we have made thus far, the fight doesn’t stop here; it only begins. We at Mortein aim to pour our souls into Zambia, as we have pledged to support the Ministry by any means possible in order to defeat malaria.


As the fight to combat malaria continues, we as Mortein commit to provide relief to Zambians in need. We promise to continue to work closely with the National Malaria Control Center and the Ministry of Health in combating this preventable disease.


An example of these tireless efforts is represented by the Mortein Against Malaria Campaign, a project run by the National Malaria Control Centre in partnership with Mortein.


The program aims to reduce the transmission of malaria to near-zero within the high malaria zones of Zambia.  The project is currently testing a new integrated model for malaria prevention, which centers around education, awareness and the provision of wall linings to households.


The program calls upon community leaders and community health workers to execute a door-to-door educational campaign that provides printed flyers, children’s coloring books, and mosquito nets to the most vulnerable Zambians in the country.


Through innovative programs like the Mortein Against Malaria Campaign, and monetary donations to the National Malaria Control Center, Mortein to date has pledged over K 150,000.00 to aid the fight against malaria.


Today is a celebration of our efforts in our new home, Zambia. At this moment, I would like to hand over this symbolic treated net to Dr. Banda – as we as Mortein promise to supply the rural clinics of Northwestern and Luapula with 1,000 more mosquito nets, in an effort to jumpstart the Ministries goal of providing a net to every vulnerable Zambian within the country.


Today was special because of one reason; you, the people of Zambia, because as Mortein, you have allowed us into your homes, and trusted us to protect your children, families and loved ones, and for that, we are truly humbled. We want you to know that we are much more than a house hold spray; we are a company on a mission; a mission to educate and eradicate the disease that they call malaria.


Thank you