MMD in Kapiri Mposhi praises President Sata


The opposition MMD in Kapiri Mposhi district in central province has commended President Michael Sata and his government for embarking on various  developmental projects in the area.

MMD Ngabwe ward Councilor, Borden Kalebuka says the developmental projects by the PF government will enhance lives of the people and accelerate the setting-up of the newly created district.

Mr. Kalebuka pointed out projects such as the upgrading of Ngabwe Primary into a Secondary school, rehabilitation of the Mukobeko-Ngabwe Road and the provision of communication towers among others.

ZANIS reports that the councilor said this in a statement released in Kapiri Mposhi District, today.

Mr. Kalebuka noted that the upgrading of Ngabwe Primary to a Secondary School will enhance the progression rate of many pupils to Secondary school in the area.

The councilor said most children in the area had been failing to attain secondary school education because of lack of a secondary school in the area and due to distances involved to the nearest schools.

“Our children used to go to secondary schools either in Mpongwe or Kapiri Mposhi districts and they used to cover approximately 40 to 70 Km … now we have our own secondary school were they will be learning from … we really thank the government for this,” Mr. Kalebuka said.

Mr. Kalebuka further observed that the provision of two communication masts has also enabled two mobile phone network providers to move to the area to offer their mobile phone services.

“there has never been phone network in Ngabwe … this is the first time that we going to use our phones which most people who have them are just using to play music,” Mr. Kalebuka said.

He said Airtel and MTN have moved into the area and will launch their services next month.

And Mr. Kalebuka noted that the upgrading of the 270 Km Mukobeko-Ngabwe roads from Kapiri Mposhi district under the link Zambia Project will connect the area to the rest of the country.

The councilor noted that the upgrading of the road will ease transportation of farming produce to the market and agricultural inputs undertakings he said were hard due to the deplorable state of the road.

Mr. Kalebuka further stated that the implementation of these projects will also attract civil servants and investors to the area.