K50,000 Mailoni reward not claimed

mailoni brothers
mailoni brothers

THE K50, 000 bounty the Zambia Police Service offered as a reward to assist in capturing the Mailoni brothers in Luano valley has not yet been claimed to date.
Central Province Commissioner of Police Standwell Lungu said in an interview in Kabwe yesterday that no one has approached his office to claim the K50,000 cash reward.

“No one has claimed that reward. I have not received a claim from anyone,” Mr Lungu said.
The Zambia Police Service in 2012 set aside a cash reward of K50, 000 as an incentive for people to provide information to help in capturing the Mailoni brothers.
And Central Province Permanent Secretary Edwidge Mutale has assured that Luano valley is a safe place following the killing of the Mailoni brothers.
Ms Mutale said this on Wednesday in light of some pupils returning to Luano valley for their holidays who were reported to be stranded in Kabwe.
“Government was providing transport for people from Luano valley because there was no security for six years. The Mailoni brothers were gunned down and that place is now peaceful. The security risk is no longer there,” she Mutale said.
Ms Mutale said the kind of security that was provided to the people from Luano valley is no longer necessary because the area is now safe.
The Mailoni brothers, Mika, Stephen and Fabian were gunned down by the Zambia Army on June 24 last year.
The Mailoni Brothers killed 12 people in cold-blood and among their victims were Zambia Flying Doctor Services chief pilot Modesto Masumba, Chief Chembe’s advisor Christopher Champe and headman Mbalakawe Chipokolo.
The trio also killed headman Chimika, whom they stabbed 14 times in the head and 12 times in the chest last year.
Unlike Adamson Mushala, who was killed in 1982 after carrying out terrorist activities for eight years in North-Western Province, the Mailoni brothers had no known ideology.
They simply killed and dumped.