‘Disabled women need female condom’

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—–Chairperson for people with disabilities in Mumbwa, Goodson Mulimo says disabled women in the district are the most vulnerable to sexual abuse.

Mr Mulimo told ZANIS that some able-bodied men find it easier to have sex with disabled women who are mostly found to be desperate.

He said such a vulnerable group of people needs protection from sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and unplanned pregnancies.

Mr Mulimo further explained that with the introduction of female condoms, it was important that the people are highly sensitized about the use of the condom as a protective tool.

He explained that disabled women feel rejected because of their disability and hence give in to anyone who approaches for sex encounters thereby exposing them to diseases and unplanned

He expressed concern   for disabled women in rural areas where female condoms have not reached, saying most of them were having children from men who either refuse responsibility or give fake names in cases where blind women are involved to avoid being followed.

Mr Mulimo suggested that female condoms be placed in places where they could easily be accessed and should be affordable at prices as low as 50 ngwee.