Government’s efforts aimed at stimulating economic growth in North Western Provinces – Sata


Today I wish to share with you our Government’s efforts aimed at stimulating economic growth and development thereby improving the lives of our people. As of February 2014, various consulting services for the detailed engineering design and tender document preparation were being undertaken for the following road projects:

1. Upgrading of 225km of the Kasempa Kaoma (D301) road in Western and North Western Provinces;

2. Upgrading of 327km of the Manyinga to Jimbe via Mwinilunga (D286/T005) road in North Western Province: contract signed and services on-going;

3. Upgrading of 121km of the Solwezi Kipushi (D271) road in North Western Province;

4. Upgrading of 124km of the Lufwanyama to Kankolonkolo (M18) road in Copperbelt and North Western Province;

5. Upgrading of the 284km of the Mumbwa to Kasempa road (D181) road in Central and North Western Provinces: Tender closed – under evaluation;

6. Periodic maintenance of the 169km of road T005 from Solwezi to Chingola in the Copperbelt and North Western Provinces: works to be accelerated after the rains.

On a similar note our Government through ZESCO has signed a US$163 million loan agreement with Nordea Bank AB of Sweden and Standard Bank of South Africa which will result in the connection of the entire North-Western Province and some parts of Western Province to the national electricity grid.

The project involves the construction of an extensive 132KV sub-transmission lines totaling 840kilometres as well as establishing 132/33/11KV bulk supply sub-stations to facilitate electrification of public facilities, schools, rural health centres, Government institutions and chiefs’ palaces.

The aforementioned transmission lines will link Mwinilunga, Kabompo, Mufumbwe, Mumbejhi, Chavuma, Zambezi and Lukulu District in Western Province.

I am determined to see our people’s living standards improve through our Government’s implementation of sound and practical development policies. MCS – 10/04/14