70% of girls in Solwezi still fall pregnant after re-entry into school.

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About 70 percent of pupils that are re-admitted after falling pregnant at Mwajimambwe Primary School in Chief Mumena’s area in Solwezi district fall pregnant again.

School Head Teacher Titus Kikolomo said some school girls are reported to be abusing the re-entry policy that government has put in place to help them complete their education despite falling pregnant.

Mr Kikolomo said some girls are abusing the policy hence the need for government to attach a limit to the number of times one can be re admitted back into school.

He said the policy will only work effectively if there are limits.

Mr Kikolomo was speaking yesterday when a parliamentary committee on legal, human rights, and governance and child affairs visited Chief Mumena yesterday.

He said the re-entry policy is a good policy as it accords girls to complete their education despite the circumstances they find themselves in.

The head teacher added that the re-entry policy was somehow breeding indiscipline in some of them.

The committee was in the chiefdom to interact with Chief Mumena and his subjects on how Gender Based Violence is being addressed in the area.