Mitete residents happy with construction of boarding school

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—Residents of Mitete district in Western Province have thanked government for the construction of Mitete Boarding School which has commenced.

Namakando Mataa said the move has impressed many people in the district, noting that once completed the boarding school will be the first high school in the district.

Mr Mataa said pupils from Mitete district travel long distances to Lukulu for higher grades, adding that most of them are renting small houses in the district which is an expense to parents.

He has since appealed to government through the Office of the District Commissioner to speed up the process of constructing Mitete boarding school so that pupils can access education in higher grades within the district rather than travelling long distances.

And another resident, Chinyemba Kabelu, called on government to send more teachers to Mitete Basic School.

Mr Kabelu said the school has been operating with only eight teachers managing classes from grade 1 to grade 9.

He said it becomes more difficult when one teacher is sick or if one travels to Lukulu for salaries.

Mr Kabelu has since called on the Ministry of Education in Western Province through the Office of the District Education Board Secretary to send more teachers to the school.

And Lukulu District Education Board Secretary, Allan Mukata, said the school will receive more teachers once teachers’ houses are built at the school.

Mr Mukata said currently the school has three permanent structures and five thatched houses adding that he is aware of the many challenges the school is facing.

The DEBS also said it is his prayer that Mitete Boarding School can be completed in good time so that parents can reduce on expenses to their children.

Mr Mukata was speaking during a meeting aimed at introducing the contractor to the community at Mitete Basic School.