Revocation of SI 33 and 55 has raised questions – Chitala

Mbita Chitala
MBITA Chitala
Political activist Mbita Chitala says the revocation of Statutory Instruments 33 of 2012 and 55 of 2013 has raised questions from which government ought to draw lessons.

Dr. Chitala says much as the decision by government to revoke the two regulations is a welcome courageous and progressive move, the questions that arise following this measure are still crucial in the management of the country%u2019s economy.

Dr. Chitala says this is because government cannot simply be reversing policies abruptly and continues running the country as if nothing has happened.

He says the indication of such moves is that government has not been has not been consultative in managing the country%u2019s economy.

He points out that in the first place the idea of introducing exchange controls was a miscalculation from the very beginning which has resulted in a weakened kwacha.

Dr. Chitala says going forward he hopes the Patriotic Front (PF) government will be more consultative in the implementation of public policies as opposed to bulldozing its way on key economic policies.

He has told Qfm news in a telephone interview that government should also take a leaf from the turn of events that have led to the revocation of the two Statutory Instruments and avoid a similar approach in the current constitutional making process as it might lead to yet another disaster.