Southern Province minister urges DCs to stop gossiping.

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Southern Province Patriotic Front Chairperson Daniel Munkombwe has urged District Commissioners (DCs) in the province to desist from divisive gossip but focus their attention on matters of national development.

Mr Munkombwe said some DCs in the province have the tendency of negatively gossiping about each other instead of discussing ways through which they can work together to develop the districts.

Speaking when he addressed district commissioners from various districts of southern province in Choma yesterday, Mr Munkombwe said gossip was a dangerous habit that has the potential to derail the development of the country.

“ I am urging you all, to maintain a high level of discipline, stop gossiping about each other and creating enmity among  yourselves, rather talk development and consult where you are not sure of what to do”,  he urged

Mr Munkombwe who is also Southern Province Minister noted that there was need for DCs in the province to form a cooperative of working together to develop the province.

He said the success of any government was primarily dependant on the level of discipline and the workforce to be maintained towards their responsibilities.

Mr Munkombwe said the PF government is a democratically elected government with an effective operational system in place which all civil servants must adhere to.

He said all DCs in the province were answerable to the office of the permanent secretary hence the need for them to work closely with that office to ensure effective coordination of developmental projects in the province.

The Minister however reassured the DCs of his commitment to ensuring that all DCs work accordingly for the development of the province and the country as a whole.

 Meanwhile, Choma District Commissioner Bernadette Hamweemba thanked the minister for his parental guidance on how DCs in the province should operate.

She has since called on her fellow DCs to heed the Minister’s advice and work according to the provisions of the mandate given to them within the jurisdiction of their districts.