Govt reaffirms commitment to reforming business regulatory environment

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Government says it remains committed to reforming the business regulatory environment in the country through the Private Sector Development Reform Programme.

Speaking last evening during a business cocktail hosted by PSDRP in appreciation of the support received from the UK government for better regulation systems development, Cabinet Office Permanent Secretary, Bernard Kampasa, says the reforms are geared towards making the licensing regime simpler, transparent and focused on legitimate regulatory purposes.

Mr. Kampasa says the regulatory analysis system that government is enhancing is being coordinated with the PAC Division of Cabinet office and that as a result of this intervention tool; government expects to improve the quality of its policies, laws and regulations.

He adds that government has adopted a comprehensive approach to safeguard public safety, the environment, protect national interest and enable management of limited public resources.

Mr Kampasa states that specific interventions towards reforming the business regulatory system will be implemented in order to achieve targeted policy objectives more efficiently and in a more inclusive manner.

Speaking at the same event, British High Commissioner to Zambia, James Thornton congratulated the Zambian government for passing the Business Regulatory Bill in Parliament.

Mr. Thornton states that the bill sets the foundation for greater and better dialogue between government and businesses in the formation of policy.

Mr. Thornton says this week marks the start of a ‘long standing collaboration’ between the Zambian and UK governments to create an environment where businesses can grow and flourish.