Zambia only practices democracy during elections – MISA

MISA Zambia Acting Chairperson Helen Mwale
MISA Zambia Acting Chairperson Helen Mwale
The Media Institute for Southern Africa (MISA) Zambia has observed that Zambia only practices democracy during elections, and not putting laws in place to actualize the system of governance that cannot successfully exist if access to information from public institution is limited or being denied.

Speaking at a meeting with members of parliament on the Access to Information (ATI),MISA Zambia Acting Chairperson Helen Mwale says access to information is not a privilege but a right that every citizen in Zambia is entitled to.

Ms Mwale notes that while Zambia recognizes this right in the constitution in passing, there is no legislation to actualize it as the constitution does not expressly provide for this right.

She adds that despite Zambia being part of the African Union which recognises the right to public information, citizens continues to wait for this law to be enacted due to government inertia or lack of political will.

Ms Mwale states that despite the PF government making promises while in opposition to enact the law once in power, nothing much has come out of the bill except continued empty promises.

She has further appealed to members of parliament as representatives of the people to speak out in order for the bill to see the light of day.