Kaputa records Leprosy cases

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–At least over 10 cases of leprosy have been reported in some

parts of Kaputa and Nsama districts in Luapula province.


Some concerned members of the community told ZANIS in an interview in

Kaputa today that there is a re-emergence of the disease in the two districts

coming years after it was eliminated in the country.


The concerned residents said Nsumbu area is the most affected with

over 10 cases recorded so far while there are also a few cases in Mataka area in Kaputa.


Meanwhile, Surveillance Officer at Kaputa District Medical Office

Daniel Sikazwe has also confirmed receiving reports of the recurrence

of the disease.


Mr. Sikazwe said cases of Leprosy  were reported late  last year and a

team from the provincial health office in Kasama was dispatched to the area to

conduct surveillance.


He said the cases of leprosy were mainly reported in Changa area in

Nsumbu which is on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo.


He could however not confirm whether the cases which have been reported are

new or old saying the team from the province has not yet availed them

with the report.

Mr. Sikazwe disclosed that the district medical office in Kaputa which

still manages Nsama has since put in place measures to curb further

spread of the disease.


He explained that the district has concentrated on surveillance and

treatment of the cases and called on other stakeholders to come on

board and help combat the disease.


Mr. Sikazwe has also thanked the Catholic Health Organization for

working with the department of Health in controlling cases of leprosy

in Kaputa district.


Leprosy is an infectious disease that is caused by a type of bacteria called mycobacterium

leprae which  multiplies very slowly in affected humans.


The disease is transmitted through respiratory droplets and causes severe disfiguring skin

sores and nerve damage in the arms and legs while its incubation period can last up to 20 years.