Zambians will not entertain jokes from Sata – Fr Bwalya

Fr Frank Bwalya
Fr Frank Bwalya
Alliance for better Zambia (ABZ) President Father Frank Bwalya has charged that Zambians will not entertain jokes from President Michael Sata over the constitution.

Father Bwalya has told Qfm news that the recent jokes by president on the constitution amounts to disrespecting the majority Zambians.

Father Bwalya says Zambians will not entertain jokes because when the president was making the promises for a people driven constitution he never joked.

The ABZ leader has since stressed that president Michael Sata should deliver his promise than joking about such an important document.

Father Bwalya has also appealed to Zambians not to relent in demanding for a people driven constitution.


  1. Mr Bwalya you can compainy as you want? But you see you can’t change our mind set. Infact you are the person in good direction you have read the Bible, but you failed to understood it. You are just wastong your time on politics and the reason why you joined this is because of the love of money. you are just a simple human being who can’t bring anything and change Zambia. Only the Kingdom og God.

  2. Actually you are right father,our president is serious,no joke on job and he is busy delivering the promises.Zambia is now moving in a right direction.kept up mr president.