Commotion ensues between Kiwe DC and Green Party president

Peter Sinkamba, President Green Party of Zambia
Peter Sinkamba, President Green Party of Zambia

There was commotion at Kitwe District government offices on Friday Feb 21st today after Kitwe District Commissioner, Elias Kamanga, allegedly instructed Zambia Police officers to remove a political campaign truck belonging to the Green Party president, Peter Sinkamba, which was parked by the premises.
Mr Sinkamba, who has been parking his truck at the car park opposite the government offices for some time now, argued that he was a Zambian who was entitled to park his vehicle anywhere in town.

He accused Mr Kamanga of using the police to harass and intimidate him.

Mr Sinkamba vowed that he was not going to move his vehicle from the car park because he had not committed any traffic offence.

But in response, Mr Kamanga said it was wrong for Mr Sinkamba to park his political campaign truck which is labelled with campaign messages and symbols at government premises which accommodates civil servants who are non-partisan.

He said he was not going to allow the trend to continue especially that there is a car park behind Afcom House where Mr Sinkamba was supposed to park his vehicle if he works from Afcom house as he claimed.

The District Commissioner added that trucks were not allowed to park in the central business district because of challenges of space.

He urged Mr Sinkamba to keep politics away from government offices and to exercise maturity and civility in his political activities.

And on the police action, Mr Kamanga said he did not instruct them to move the truck away.

He said the police service was a professional entity that did not need his instruction to execute its duty of maintaining law and order.