Huge investment in education will spur development-Scott

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Vice President Guy Scott has said Zambia needs to massively invest in the education sector if the country is to develop and compete favourably on the international labour market.

Dr. Scott said countries such as China and India have developed beyond people’s expectations because of the huge investments they made in their education sectors.

The Vice President said this when he addressed Katuba residents at a public rally at Moomba primary school in Chibombo district to drum-up support for the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Moses Chilando for the February 25 parliamentary bye election.

He said the PF has placed great emphasis on education because it was key to the future development of the country.


He added that government was doing this through building a lot of schools to enable children go to university and graduate so as to help develop the country.

Dr. Scott observed that Zambia used to supply educated people to the mines in South Africa and farms in Zimbabwe because of her good education standards.

He has since challenged pupils to get educated and develop technology so that Zambian can begin to manufacture sophisticated equipment in 20 years’ time.

"The Chinese put money into education and now they are making helicopters. No one gave them a chance. I expect you children to make a helicopter in 20 years, not an African jet or hyena but a helicopter," he said.

Dr. Scott further assured the pupils that government will soon provide them with computers so that they can learn and become computer literate graduates.

Meanwhile, the Vice President reiterated that tribalism will hold back the country from developing.


He has therefore urged the people of Katuba to shun people running campaigns on tribal lines.

"They are saying that we have brought a Bemba in Lenjeland, well let me tell you, you have a Vice President who is a muzungu. Why chase Moses (Chilando)?” he asked.

Dr. Scott asked the people of Katuba to embrace unity, work for each other and allow the PF to develop the area.


The Vice President commended Moomba primary school authorities for making it a very successful model school with high pass rates despite having over 2,200 pupils enrolled at the institution.

Moomba School Deputy Head teacher Augustine Sambo told the Vice President that the school has now attracted pupils from as far as Lusaka’s Matero and Chazanga townships who are seeking to benefit from the quality education being provided.


Dr. Scott has been holding intensified campaigns in Katuba Constituency for the forthcoming parliamentary bye-elections with Kuyabila performances which are traditional praises and appeals that are drawing crowds.


And PF aspiring candidate Moses Chilando roused the women into ululations when he pledged to ensure that a clinic and mortuary would immediately be built in Moomba if he is elected as area Member of Parliament for Katuba.