Harassment of landowners by ‘cadres’ worries HRC

PF cadres
PF cadres

The Human Rights Commission is deeply concerned over the continued reports of harassment of landowners in the Garden House area, West of Lusaka, by suspected Patriotic Front (PF) cadres.

Commission Spokesperson Samuel Kasankha notes that the continued media reports of individuals being physically harassed and in some cases being beaten up and threatened with death once found working on plots that they may have legally obtained.

Mr Kasankha says the suspected cadres are grabbing land for resale and claiming to be doing this in the name of the PF.

He says the Commission calls on the PF to check and confirm if these people, some of whom have been named by callers to radio phone-in programs, are indeed their members.

He adds that if they are PF cadres and are acting without the authorization of the party, they should be either counselled or disciplined internally so that they stop their actions.

Mr Kasankha notes the need to protect law abiding citizens from victimization and harassment by people who have no respect for the laws of the land.

Meanwhile the Human Rights Commission has expressed disappointment over the reported death of a suspect in Police cells at Chilenje Police Station.

Mr Kasankha says the Commission has since launched investigations into the matter.

He states the Commission will thoroughly investigate all reported cases of suspected torture and abuse of people in the custody of state agents and ensure that culprits are brought to book. Investigations in the Chilenje matter have therefore commenced.