Sata has insulted the integrity, trust of all Zambians – Mumba

Nevers Mumba
Nevers Mumba
The opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has observed that President Michael Sata has insulted the integrity and trust of all Zambians by stating that people talking about the new constitution should be ignored.

The MMD is of the view that President Sata’s maintaining that the country has a functioning constitution and therefore the talk on the new constitution should be curtailed is a sign of confusion on his part and that of the Patriotic Front (PF) government.

Party president Nevers Mumba has also told Qfm news in a telephone interview that such a statement from the Head of State is also an indication of an impending constitutional crisis that is about to hit the country.

Dr. Mumba notes that the Zambian people have made it very clear that President Sata must deliver on his promise of coming up with a new constitution but that by stating that the country still has a functioning constitution, the Head of State has in effect refused to deliver this promise.

He says by refusing to be held accountable and to deliver this promise, the Head of State is allegedly also being immoral and has further refused to exercise integrity by being a man of his word something that is a key requirement for the office he holds of the country’s presidency.

The MMD leaders says his party is disappointed with President Sata and the PF government and to which demands that the Constitutional roadmap be given to the people and assurance that the constitution will be done within 2014 be guaranteed.

The opposition leader notes that this demand is something most of the people are allegedly ready to be imprisoned for until the people of Zambia are honored for their faith and resilience.

He says this is because his party feels that the entire constitutional making process has been abandoned by the PF government and that it remains for the people of Zambia to decide the next step to take in order to right this alleged wrong.