Kapeya condemns violence against Cosmo Mumba

A 'Ghadafi style' female bodyguard opens the door for NRP president Dr.Cosmo Mumba
A 'Ghadafi style' female bodyguard opens the door for NRP president Dr.Cosmo Mumba

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services and Chief Government spokesperson Mwansa Kapeya has condemned the violence against National Restoration Party President Cosmo Mumba in Katuba Constituency.
Mr Kapeya said in a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today that government condemns the beating up of the NRP president by unknown people in the on-going Katuba parliamentary by-election campaigns.

The Katuba constituency by-election will be held on February 25 following the death of MMD Member of Parliament Dr Patrick Chikusu.

And Mr Kapeya said the action was unacceptable and warned the culprits behind the act that they will not escape the long arm of the law.

He disclosed that government is proud of the people of Katuba for the peaceful and dignified manner in which they have conducted themselves ahead of the forthcoming by-election.

Mr. Kapeya stressed that government will not allow thugs to disrupt the peace that has so far characterised the on-going campaigns.

He said the people of Katuba like their counterparts elsewhere do not only deserve but are entitled to a free ,peaceful and conducive atmosphere in which to exercise their democratic right to choose a member of parliament of their choice.

He stated that the late Member of Parliament for Katuba Dr. Patrick Chikusu left an impeccable legacy of selfless, dignified and distinguished service to the nation.

Mr. Kapeya noted that it was necessary that the process of finding a successor for such a distinguished leader and patriot is equally dignified and orderly.


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