Meali meal prices in Namwala high despite FRA offloading maize

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——Following the release of maize through the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) the government aimed to cushion the prices of mealie meal, the cost of the staple food has not reduced.

A survey conducted by ZANIS Namwala has revealed that prices of mealie meal in most outlets range from K80 per 25kg breakfast to K75 per25kg roller meal.

Namwala District Commissioner, Gevar Nsanzya, said some millers are being unfair to government and the consumers for increasing mealie meal prices.

Mr Nsanya said his office is monitoring the situation and giving updates to the relevant authorities on millers who are wanting.

He said the district mostly depends on big millers from neighbouring Choma district like which are saying that transport the mealie meal to Namwala and other towns is very expensive due to high fuel costs.

The DC said that it sad that the millers have not reduced their prices despite government releasing maize to Food Reserve Agency (FRA).

Nsanzya, however, pointed out that Namwala, like other rural districts, has small millers which need to be registered so that they benefit from the maize from FRA to cushion mealie meal prices.

And Namwala acting District Agriculture Coordinator (DACO), Martin Skainga, told ZANIS that a bucket of maize is going at K35.