Police operations reduce prostitution in Mansa – Kasolo

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LUAPULA Province permanent secretary Chanda Kasolo says there has been a drastic reduction in prostitution in Mansa after continued crackdown operations by the police and provincial administration.
Mr Kasolo says although prostitution cannot be completely wiped out, the Mansa case is a success story.
“The levels of girls parading themselves in skimpy clothing in the night trying to woo men to have sex with them have drastically reduced,” he said.
Mr Kasolo said that he instructed the Luapula Commissioner of Police to ensure that all those who parade themselves should be brought to book, adding that this was against the law.
He said that the trend in Mansa was almost getting out of hand had it not been for the intervention of his office and intensified police action through night patrols.
Mr Kasolo said prostitution had reached alarming levels where almost every street in Mansa had sex workers parading themselves.
He said what was more worrying is that most of the culprits were young girls who were putting their lives at risk of contracting HIV.
Mr Kasolo said that his office will embark on sensitisation campaigns in schools in Luapula Province on the effects of prostitution.
A recent check in Mansa revealed that the streets have been cleared of the sex workers.
Last year, Mansa made headlines for the ‘uncontrolled’ thriving sex business that saw young girls parading streets.
Mr Kasolo said that the situation is now under control and will continue being so as most of the girls are refraining from prostitution.