Govt concerned on low crop yield in Namwala District

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Govt concerned on low crop yield in Namwala District

Namwala, Febraury 4th, 2014, ZANIS —   Government says it is concewrned  that Namwala district has recorded a drastic decline in crop production, this year.


NAMWALA acting district agricultural coordinator Martin Sikainga says government was concerned that there is low crop yield in the area compared to past years.


Mr Sikainga pointed out specifically that Maize production in Namwala declined from 43,000 metric tonnes in 2012 to 20,107 in 2013.


The decline in maize yield of 22,893 metric tonnes to the ravaging of the crop by army worms and floods that were experienced in the district, said the district agricultural coordinator  .


Mr. Sikainga further noted that the reduced crop yield in the district was compounded by the long dry spells that impacted negatively on the performance of the maize crop.


He clarified that when the maize crop reached the level of grain formation a long dry spell affected the crop resulting in debilitating ramifications on maize performance in Namwala district.


Mr. Sikainga named other crops that registered a decline in yields as groundnuts and cotton.


He asserted that groundnuts production declined from 1,818 metric tonnes in 2012 to 1,567 in 2013 while cotton production declined from 4,482 metric tonnes in 2012 to 2,463 in 2013.


And Mr. Sikainga said a total of 84,560 bags by 50 kilograms of maize grain was purchased by the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) in Namwala.


He named the satellite depots were the maize grain was purchased by FRA as Namwala, Chitongo, Mbeza, Ndema, Moobola, Kaabwe and Chaanga.


Others are Namakaka, Itapa, Masompe and Ichila.


Mr. Sikainga said the total amount of money paid to farmers who supplied their maize grain to FRA is K5,496,400.