Lamba Prince claims marginalisation of tribesmen

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——The Lamba speaking people in Chief Malembeka’s area in Mpongwe district have complained of being marginalized by government saying they only have one Deputy Minister and Permanent Secretary (PS) to represent them in government.


Prince Mpesalwa of Malembeka Royal Establishment of Mpongwe said this in a statement issued to ZANIS in Ndola today.


Prince Mpesalwa said as a tribe they have had people on Permanent Secretary levels who have been fired without reasons among them a Mr Bowas, Mr Mutembo, Mr Lisati and Mr Peter Mumba.


He added that on nominated Members of Parliament (MP’s) none are from the region (Copperbelt province) yet it has contributing 19 of 22 parliamentary seats to Patriotic Front.


He further said Eastern province contributed one (1) out of 19 parliamentary seats to the ruling party but that Easterners have dominated the government.


Prince Mpesalwa noted that Lambas have been participating in the governing of the country since independence but that things have now changed and wondered why the situation had changed.



And on Kagem, Prince Mpesalwa complained that no Lamba person is a board member adding that they just hear that the precious stones have been auctioned without even giving their traditional leaders some royalty.


He urged Lambas to speak out saying there will be no one to speak for them even when they are the custodian of the entire province which is the richest in Zambia and most influential but the least beneficially.