“I have serious doubts opposition alliance will succeed,” Mpombo

Former Defense Minister George Mpombo has likened the announced birth of an alliance by four opposition political parties to a political shooting from the hip.

Mr. Mpombo says this is because the decision of forming such an alliance which is by the MMD, ABZ, PP and the ZED has been done without wider consultation from senior political players.

Mr. Mpombo has cited Heritage party president Godfrey Miyanda and Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) leader Edith Nawakwi as some of the senior political leaders from which consultation on the formation of the said alliance should have been done.

He says in the absence of such broad based consultation he has serious doubts that such an alliance will have the needed impetus to push the idea of changing government in 2016.

And Mr. Mpombo who is also a former diplomat, has told Qfm in an interview that alliances of such a nature are meant to create crack in the ruling party but that the manner in which the announced birth of the alliance has be formulated does not amount to such a formidable political force.

He says this is why he would not be interested in being part to it.

The former Defense Minister has also wondered what criteria the four opposition political parties used to determine that they themselves are the ones that are capable of creating an alliance.

He says even the capacity of the political players themselves that are part of the alliance raise doubts that it can head for success.