86 former Angolans repatriated

DR Congo refugees
86 former Angolan refugees were yesterday repatriated back home from Mayukwayukwa refugee camp in Kaoma district of western province .

Speaking during the boarding of the Plane at Mongu Airport, the Welfare Refugee’s officer Mwaba Mumba said that refugees had shown mixed feelings about their repatriation back to their country of origin because they had been in Zambia for many years now.

Ms Mwaba stated that the refugees were thankful to  the Zambia government and the United Nation  High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for their  generosity by providing them basic needs such as food, shelter, clothes and security among others during their stay in Zambia.

And Vice Angolan Consulate Berlamino Adrino who is based in Mongu praised the prevailing peace that the country has continued to enjoy for the past years they had been in Zambia.

Mr.Adrino further said that the refugees were returning in phases adding that some came to Zambia in  1969 while others arrived here between 1992 and 1994 when the war in Angola was at its peak.

The next batch of refugees will be repatriated  on Friday  24th January.