Chadiza baby born without nose, mouth and eyes.

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Chadiza baby born without nose, mouth and eyes.

Chadiza, January 21, ZANIS…… A Chadiza couple has given birth to a baby without a nose, mouth and eyes.

Boyika Phiri and Doreen Phiri of Tete Farms in Manje area of Chief Zingalume gave birth to twins at Chadiza district hospital but one of the twins was deformed as it had no mouth, nose and eyes and it looked as if it was a masquerade.

Father to the baby Boyika Phiri said all the other body parts were normal apart from the absence of the mouth, nose and eyes.

Phiri said the absence of the mouth and nose made it difficult for the baby to suck and also to breath.

ZANIS reports that Medical personnel at Chadiza district hospital who sought anonymity said the baby had a congenital malformation.

They described the congenital malformations as single or multiple defects of the morphogenesis of organs or body parts identifiable at birth or during the intrauterine life.

The medical personnel said relevant diagnostic and therapeutic tools have been progressively improving in the last decades, contributing to a better identification and a reduction of long-term morbidity and mortality of patients.

They said a correct identification of a congenital defect is the first step in order to offer helpful genetic counselling to the couple.

The congenital malformed baby has since died and the body has been buried while the other twin is well and strong.