UPF urges Zambians to celebrate golden jubilee in unity

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The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Zambia Chapter Zambia the 50th independence celebrations for this year were not meant for government alone but for all Zambians.

UPF Chairman Malimba Masheke said there was need therefore for all Zambians to put aside all their political and social differences and concentrate on celebrating the golden jubilee in peace and unity.

General Masheke told ZANIS that all Zambians should celebrate the peace the country has continued to enjoy and their commitment to uphold regional and global peace.

Meanwhile, Gen. Masheke has called on government to ensure that it fully incorporates the church in all the preparatory pogrammes for this year’s national jubilee celebrations.

He said the church in Zambia has played a vital role in spearheading peace in the country by uniting all the tribes and by strengthening the country’s Christian nation status.

Gen. Masheke served as Minister for Home Affairs, for Defence and as Prime Minister in the UNIP government.

Zambia gained independence on 24th October 1964 from Britain and will therefore be celebrating her 50 years of political independence this year.