Scott dismisses constitution speculation

Dr Guy Scott
Dr Guy Scott

VICE-PRESIDENT Guy Scott has dismissed rumours being circulated by some online media that Government has received a final copy of the new constitution from the Draft Constitution Technical Committee.
Dr Scott said the new constitution does not exist and urged Zambians to wait until President Sata receives the report from the technical committee.
He said this on Friday when he met Chipata teachers at Chipata Day Secondary School. Dr Scott is on a tour of the province in the company of Deputy Minister of Community Development, Mother and Child Health Jean Kapata and other senior Government officials.
He said this in response to queries by some teachers who wanted to know the roadmap for enacting a people-driven constitution.
“A new constitution does not exist but what the technical committee will present is a report,” he said.
On a Breeze FM live radio programme, Dr Scott reiterated that it is sad that the technical committee has allegedly leaked the draft constitution to an online media.
He said the leakage is being investigated and he maintained that no one else has the draft copy of the constitution other than the technical committee.
On the wage increment and employment freeze as well as the retirement age, Dr Scott said Government is cautious on expanding the public service.
On the proposed retirement age of 65, Dr Scott jokingly told the teachers to consider also retiring at the age of 45 challenging those that are pushing him to retire to meet him in political arena because at the age of 68 he feels he is still energetic.
Teachers at Kasenengwa Boarding Secondary School wanted to know when the school would be gazetted and electricity connected.
Dr Scott said Government will address the concerns raised, assuring the teachers that the school will be electrified under the Rural Electrification Authority
In a vote of thanks, Chief Madzimawe commended Dr Scott for being the first Vice-President to visit his chiefdom and talk about development not politics.
The traditional leader said politicians did not keep their campaign promises but was happy with the Patriotic Front (PF) government for maintaining its 2011 promises especially improving the rural areas.
He said building of infrastructure such as schools, health facilities and roads is real development not dishing out salt to the people.
Chief Madzimawe has since appealed to President Sata to maintain the current permanent secretary Chileshe Mulenga who is the fourth person to hold the position since 2011.