Nkhoyas complain over deforestation


The Nkoya Royal Establishment has bemoaned the rate at which trees are being depleted in Kaoma district of Western Province.

Nkoya Royal Establishment Prime Minister, Induna Mwanashihemi, says the wholesome issuance of forest licenses is contributing to global warming and adversely affecting farming activities in the area.

Induna Mwanashihemi says the indiscriminate cutting of trees has caused changes in the rainfall pattern in Kaoma district which he said used to receive rains as early as mid-September every year.

He said the traditional leadership in the area has been getting little cooperation from the Forestry Department while woodlands are being depleted.

Induna Mwanashihemi called on government to ensure that the issuance of forest licenses is done in consultation with the Nkoya Royal Establishment so that they can sanction the cutting of trees in the area.

He said the traditional leadership at Lukena Palace is concerned that timber has continued to be ferried from the area despite being informed that forest licenses had expired last year.

Induna Mwanashihemi said some Chinese timber merchants in the district are extending their boundaries without the authority of the Nkoya Royal Establishment.

He accused some traders of operating timber factories without the designated forests and urged government not to issue production licenses to those without forest licenses.

The Induna further said the coming of new farmers in the tobacco industry has greatly contributed to the destruction of trees.

And Induna Mwanashihemi has urged government to encourage traditional leaders to partner with commercial entities especially where such raw materials are found in their chiefdoms.