Wynter risking his reputation by not stepping down- Mulongoti

Mike Mulongoti
Mike Mulongoti
People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti says Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba is risking his image and reputation by hanging on to his Cabinet portfolio following the setting up of a tribunal to probe his alleged abuse of office and breach of Oath of Secrecy.

Mr. Mulongoti says if Mr. Kabimba has got a lot to lose if he continues holding on to his position stating that his image and reputation will continue being eaten up.

He says there is no way Mr. Kabimba can ignore the establishment of the said tribunal which is equivalent to a court of law.

Mr Mulongoti says this why he is of the view that it is not appropriate for Mr. Kabimba to continue holding on to office as Justice Minister.

Mr Mulongoti has told QFM News that he has no doubts that Mr. Kabimba knows the implications of his conduct the more reason why he has been taken to the tribunal to respond to allegations leveled against him.



  1. Are you sure with your statement? Because no one is clean and perfect when it comes to zambian politics