Mongu farmers continue receiving agro techniques

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—An organisation called Concern Worldwide in Mongu of Western Province has pledged its commitment to continue supporting the vulnerable in the province through training of small scale farmers in field income and marketing.


Concern Agriculture Project Coordinator, Carl Wahl, confirmed this in an interview with ZANIS, adding that the programme is in two phases.


Mr Wahl explained that the programme involves training women in agriculture, nutrition and marketing.


He pointed out that the programme also includes integrated poverty reduction and women’s empowerment programmes.


“This is a general empowerment that urges women to be leaders in their communities in order to engage them in governmental organisations,” Mr Wahl said.


Mr Wahl disclosed that these programmes are taking place in Kaoma, Senanga and Mongu districts with 1,500 beneficiaries in each district, saying farmers are also trained on the importance of food security.


He said his organisation is yet to train farmers in conservation farming with a target number of 3,000 beneficiaries in all the three districts using 20 demonstration plots that are expected to be set up in the districts.


The Conservation Agriculture Project Coordinator said the programme does not only target female-headed households but also male-headed households.


He also said during the training, farmers are taught how to preserve seed for the next farming season as a cost effect programme instead of buying seed every year.