Church, civil society slammed over constitution


THE Zambia Small-Scale Farmers Network Organisation (ZSSFN) has expressed concern at what it has described as acrimony being perpetrated by some civil society organisations (CSOs), Church bodies and opposition political parties over the Constitution-making process.

ZSSFN president Edward Nsama said yesterday that the CSOs, Church bodies and political parties had entered into a “marriage of convenience” aimed at raising unnecessary instability in the country through the planned nationwide demonstrations.

Mr Nsama said the network of 950, 000 beneficiaries of the Farmer Input Support Programme, 95 farmer clubs and 105 individual commercial farmers believed that the Constitution-making process was straight forward.

He said the civil society in Zambia had vested interests through their donors to “smuggle” into the new Constitution homosexual rights under the guise of minority rights.
Mr Nsama challenged the CSOs planning to go on countrywide demonstrations to state their individual and collective positions on homosexuality.