Mongu teachers embrace new curriculum

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–Senior Education Standards officer (SESO)  for Mongu, Webby Machilika, has assured parents that teachers have embraced the introduction of teaching in local languages but fears text books will be a big problem.


He further explained that while teachers have been trained on the new education curriculum, teaching materials may hinder progress on this new teaching policy and called on the teachers to be innovative in order to ensure good quality education.


Mr Machilika expressed concern over the parents’ resistance to this new teaching approach but stressed that his ministry has embarked on a sensitisation programme to educate the public so that they can appreciate its benefits.


In order to implement new education policy and new curriculum, the Ministry of Education has embarked on training teachers on the new approach to teaching in local languages and has prepared some teaching materials.


Speaking in an interview with ZANIS, Mr Machilika said the new approach to learning is going to help children to have a strong foundation in building literacy and language skills.


The old curriculum of education in Zambia allowed the teaching of pupils using local language from primary level to the highest level of education but it has changed now due to the introduction of teaching in local languages from pre-school to Grade Four.