Kawambwa gets fair share of national cake – DC

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Kawambwa District Commissioner, Ivo Mpasa, says the area has started receiving a fair share of the national cake as various development projects are taking shape.


Mr Mpasa said construction of Luowa hydro power station at Lubangwe and Kabwe waterfalls has gained momentum and will be completed soon.


He told ZANIS in an interview in Kawambwa that the project, once completed, will contribute significantly to the socio-economic development of not only Kawambwa district but the country as a whole.


Mr Mpasa said Government has also made milestones in the construction of the K258 million Kawambwa-Luwingu road.


The District Commissioner said a considerable amount of the 150 km road has already been done and the project is expected to be completed by mid 2015.


He said Unique China, a Chinese contractor working on the road, has done a good job and Government will, therefore provide the necessary support to ensure the project is completed within schedule.


And Mr Mpasa further said the district hosts Luena farm block where 10, 000 hectares will be a co-venture with the remaining 110, 000 hectares of land given to out grower farmers.


He said this huge product already has an investor to take over the co-venture for the production of sugar and ethanol.


Mr Mpasa said the co-venture will result in the creation of jobs in thousands, saying the local population of Kawambwa will not be enough to supply workers for the venture and will thus rely on surrounding districts and other provinces for skilled and unskilled man power.


He said besides these projects, there are a number of primary and secondary schools that are being put up to make education accessible to the local people.


Mr Mpasa added that the construction of Kawambwa District Hospital is also expected to commence this month as land where the hospital will be constructed has already been identified.


He said the site of construction for the new hospital will be handed over to the contractor next week.